Our Newest Rescues

Mar. 22nd 2018

Meet Sam

We lucked out and got him from a sweet lady who has cared for him for 12 years. He has to stay warm, so he’s currently in an enclosed area with heat. However, we are in the process of building him an amazing habitat where he can eat grass and sun bathe on warm days.
We take in all kinds here at Flynn Fields Rescue! Please consider donating so we can always say “yes” to these animals that need us!
Feb. 7th 2018

This Chicken (No name yet)

Welcome our newest rescue. This precious hen was thrown out of a truck just like the one pictured. She will NEVER again know anything but kindness. Your donations allow us to continue to help animals like this that are neglected and mistreated.
Sep. 15th 2017


Glory was actually just dropped off at the farm. We literally woke up one day and found her after someone had put her over our gate. She has been a loved (and very outspoken) addition to the farm. We lost a duck to a hawk earlier in the year but since our “Mother Goose” has arrived, everyone feels more protected. Hawks are actually afraid of geese!
Dec 9th 2017

Beatrix and Holli

Beatrix is our (maybe?) pregnant girl and Holli is our sweetie who we rescued from being attacked by a coyote. *Update – Jan. 19th – Beatrix was Definitely pregnant! Those are her piglets pictured in the footer of our website. Holli, who was the most injured has been recovering nicely thanks to love and the expert care of Dr. Chester.