Mike and Christy Flynn

Mike is a decorated disabled veteran and I (Christy) am a special education high school teacher. Our combined experiences and interests help to facilitate a place not only where people with disabilities can interact with animals but also where veterans who are suffering can decompress and heal.  We want to spread our love of animals throughout the community.  We have worked hard to create a place where people can feed animals, learn the basics of keeping the barn clean and can interact with the animals to show them love and understanding.

Our long-term goal is to demonstrate kindness and compassion to everything no matter how big or small.

Open To The Public

We are asked often if we are “open to the public”. The answer is yes AND no. We have worked hard to make our farm a place where people can come and interact with and learn about the animals safely. We have hosted many events for school groups, disabled vets, etc. For your safety and the safety of the animals we ask that you reach out to us first to discuss visits to our farm.

Birthday Parties

People often reach out about hosting birthday parties at Flynn Fields. While this is not a normal thing for us, we have hosted birthday parties here and they have been lots of fun! We will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to use our facilities for a party, please contact us and tell us what your plans and ideas are. We might be able to help!

Photography Sessions

We have been blessed with a beautiful property here and we work very hard to keep it as pristine as possible for the sake of the animals. The farm is a great place and the friendly animals are an excellent backdrop for photography. Contact us to discuss photo shoot opportunities. Family photos, wedding shots…we will certainly try to accomodate you and help you get some great photos.

Team Building

interaction with the animals at Flynn Fields is an excellent environment for a corporate outing or a team-building day for your company. This is something that we offer our sponsors once a year and we would be happy to discuss your needs if you think that our farm would be conducive to your company’s team building and bonding efforts.

Our Board of Directors


Mike Flynn

Vice President

James Ball


Christy Flynn


Darcie Brandt

Our Donors

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the people who have consistently been here for us and for all of the animals. Without these selfless and caring souls and their tireless dedication to our cause we would not have been able to survive this long. We thank you for your continued support. Each of you has inspired and empowered us to keep reaching upwards to be our best selves and you have helped us to live our dream to help these precious animals.

Years Saving Farm Animals

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Animals on the Farm