Welcome to Flynn Fields Rescue, Inc.

Flynn Fields was a dream that started many years ago. We always had a common love of animals. Early on we rescued dogs, cats and even had a few chickens and ducks. However, we lived in a subdivision and had limited space. Luckily for us, we were able purchase twenty-five acres and we quickly expanded our “family.” We always have pigs, rabbits, ducks, cows, chickens, and goats…but we never really know what we are going to add to our rescue, so this list is ever-changing.

Our Mission: Providing a place of rescue for those individuals who may need it by facilitating unity between humans and animals. We strive to make the world a better place by teaching compassion and acceptance while interacting with our animals.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit and are happy to provide receipts for your tax-deductible donations. Donations can be dropped off at our location or mailed to: PO Box 9 Talking Rock, GA 30175 You can also donate securely via PayPal, just click on the Donate button below:

Flynn Fields – 88 Flynn Fields Drive  Jasper, GA – Phone: 470-253-1918- Email: flynnfields@outlook.com 

It's Only Us

We are the only farm animal rescue in Pickens County, GA. Our surrounding counties do have a few facilities but most are not properly equipped or staffed to adequately provide care for the alarming number of animals in need. Many of our rescues are local, but a large number of them are from surrounding counties and even other states. We are always ready to answer the call to rescue, care for, and love these precious animals.

Consider Partnering with Flynn Fields

Flynn Fields Rescue, Inc. could not exist without the care and support from our donors, sponsors, and volunteers. If you are an animal lover and you have a heart to help, please get in touch with us. Our needs are many and varied. We do our best to let our community know about these needs here on our site and on social media. Please consider liking and following along with us on our Facebook Page. Currently there are no grants or financial aid available for farm animals. Our work is a labor of love and it is because of our supporters that we are able, at a moment’s notice, to rescue animals both near and far. We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of our faithful veterinarian, Dr. Chester. Without whom, many of the animals that we rescue would surely perish.